Philippines Norway Business Council was established on 5 January 2011 as a result of a common initiative from the Norwegian business community in the Philippines, with the objective to create a forum for Norwegian companies represented in the Philippines, Philippine companies with links to Norwegian business and individuals linked to Norwegian business.

The main purpose of PNBC is to promote business between our two countries and provide a platform for discussion, as well as further more promote trade and commerce, provide information and assistance to Norwegian companies who wishes to do business in the Philippine and vice versa, initiate discussions related to matters of common interest affecting business and trade, raise concerns to the Foreign Mission and act an advisory board, cooperate with appropriate institutions in the Philippines, and represent Norwegian companies during official business events.

PNBC is an active organisation, with bi-monthly networking luncheons hosting various resource speakers, and aims to fulfil the objectives set forth in the best interest of the members.

The business council has various working groups, especially within the areas of maritime and corporate responsibility, and is active in organising larger events, such as Norway Maritime Conference in January 2016.