Background of the Summit

Started in 1998 and organised by the Norwegian Business Association Singapore in co-operation with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the event has evolved into a regional meeting place for business leaders in Norwegian industry with a focus on Asia. The event covers all of Asia and reflects Norway throughout the region. The summit is governed by a Steering Committee representing the largest Norwegian Business Associations in the region. Since 2010, the Norway-Asia Business Summit has become an annual event. Number of participants has ranged from 100 to 200 depending on location and accessibility.

Why this Summit?

Other economies in the world are facing challenges while the centre of economic growth in the world is in a continuous shift to the east. Asia is and will continue to be one of the most important future export markets for Norway and Norwegian industry. The summit has become the annual meeting place for Norwegian industry in the region, the support apparatus of the Norwegian government and the diplomatic missions in the region and as such it truly represents the recently revitalised “Team Norway” concept.

Speakers and Presenters

Norway-Asia Business Summit offers a great blend of various speakers. Some speakers are industry leaders and decision makers who inspire the audience through their experience and knowhow. Others are from academic institutions who help the participants understand global trends and the effects of these. The Summit also includes speakers who represent regional organisations in Asia or host country governments, as well as government representatives from Norway who work on promoting and developing the many opportunities and learnings we can achieve between Asia and Norway. 

Target Audience

The target audience for the summit can be categorised as follows:

  • Norwegian-related businesses in Asia
  • Norwegian industry players with an ambition to enter Asia
  • Norwegian government representatives looking at how Asia can positively influence Norwegian industry and how to assist Norwegian industry abroad to become more competitive in a global economy
  • Asian government representatives as stakeholders to Norwegian industry
  • Leaders within Norwegian business support organisations
  • Leaders of the region’s Norwegian diplomatic missions
  • Norwegian academic institutions with keen interest in Asia and who will develop the future business leaders to Norwegian industry
  • Norwegian business related media


The summit showcases how Norwegian companies contribute to innovation, capacity building and sustainability. The programme content represents, through a mix of business presentations and interactive sessions, the entire region in Asia as well as developments in Norway and global trends affecting Norwegian industry. 

Desired Outcome of the Summit

It is envisioned that the summit shall inspire and strengthen Norwegian industry in the region through sharing of ideas and experiences. In addition, the summit shall help build networks, both in Norway and throughout the region. As much as possible, the aim is for the summit to deliver key recommendations on development and actions needed to make Norwegian industry more competitive in Asia.