About the Norway-Asia Business Award

Nomination Process

Three months before each Norway-Asia Business Summit, the Norwegian Business Association Committee Secretariat contacts the Business Associations and Chambers in Asia to solicit proposals. Each country in Asia with a resident Norwegian Business Association or Chamber of Commerce may propose one candidate for the award, stating its reasons for the proposal. All proposals must be received by the Secretariat in Singapore latest two months ahead of the upcoming Norway-Asia Business Summit.

Nomination Committee

A Nomination Committee headed by the President of the Norwegian Business Association Singapore (NBAS), a person from Innovation Norway and three other Norwegian Business Association Presidents selected by the Steering Committee representing the largest Norwegian Business Associations in the region, forms the committee that decides which company receives the award in the applicable year. No committee member can be employed or otherwise associated with a company that has been proposed as recipient for the award.


Latest four weeks ahead of the Norway-Asia Business Summit, the Nomination Committee announces the three finalists for the Norway-Asia Business Award.

Announcement of the Winner

The award is announced at the Norway-Asia Business Summit. The Norway-Asia Business Award is presented to the winner by the Chairman of the Norwegian Business Association hosting that year’s Norway-Asia Business Summit. The award consists of a framed, large diploma.


The head of the Secretariat may seek to enlist support of up to two Asian and two Norwegian sponsors for the award, each contributing an amount of up to USD 1,000. The sponsors are entitled to be mentioned by name and with logo featured in the announcement of the finalists prior to and during the presentation of the finalists/the winner at the Norway-Asia Business Summit.

Media Exposure

In connection with the announcement of the finalists and the presentation of the Norway-Asia Business Award at the Business Summit, the Secretariat seeks to ensure that the media in Asia and Norway covers the award.

Further Information

For further information contact:

Norwegian Business Association Singapore (NBAS)
c/o Royal Norwegian Embassy
16 Raffles Quay
#44-01 Hong Leong Building
Singapore 048581

Tel: +65 6622 9100
E-mail: [email protected]

Award Brochure

The Norway-Asia Business Award Brochure can be downloaded here