Fight for Food Security

Fight for Food Security

Progress towards global food security has stalled in recent years as the pandemic and geopolitical conflicts caused problems across the value chain. Yara is looking at ways it can help reverse the trend. The 11th Global Food Security Index released by The Economist in 2022 showed a deterioration in the global food environment for the […]

Inspiring a Premium Colour Journey 

Jotun has been operating in Thailand for 55 years now. The company initially focused on industrial coatings solutions before introducing decorative paints years later. With the local market evolving rapidly, becoming the country’s leader in the latter means the brand must understand the role the home plays and what consumers require.    “These days, Thai consumers […]

The Meaning of ESG  

The meaning of ESG  

As reporting and consultants pour into the ESG space, are boards and companies losing sight of what it actually means?  Where did ESG come from? Many attribute a 2004 United Nations report called Who Cares Wins as the first mainstream use of the concept. It raised awareness for something many boardrooms had been working to […]

Smarter Seafood

Smarter Seafood

Norwegian seafood is being served with a side of technology, although most consumers may not realise just how high-tech the industry has become. Innovation has been at the heart of the Norwegian seafood industry since dried cod was first exported in the 11th century. The past 60 years have seen several innovations emerge that ensure […]

Sustainable Jewellery

Technology and innovation are improving the overall health experience. In Thailand, Samitivej Hospital continues to lead these efforts by focusing on preventive care.   The jewellery industry has entered a new era in which consumers tend to prioritise sustainability over price. For manufacturers, a measured approach, transparent policies and practices, and a network are needed to […]

Revealing Renewable Energy Secrets

While everyone claims to be leading renewable energy efforts, Norway is doing the work. So much so, that they forgot to tell anyone. The secret is out now and that’s a good thing. When it comes to renewable energy, Norway may be the world’s best-kept secret. In fact, it can be surprising to hear just […]

Leading the EV Charge

From cars to tuk-tuks and motorbikes, electric vehicles are becoming more commonplace in Thailand. The country needs to support these efforts while building EV infrastructure. According to the Land Transport Department, there were 50,347 electric vehicle (EV) registrations in Thailand during the first nine months of 2023 which accounted for 9.7 percent of all new […]

Can ASEAN Build an Interconnected Energy Market? 

Can ASEAN Build an Interconnected Energy Market?

ASEAN has long wanted to create an interconnected energy market but the project has yet to get off the ground. Thinking smaller may hold the key to long-term success.   The Formal Agreement on ASEAN Energy Cooperation signed by the bloc’s Member States in 1986 was the first attempt to build a framework that supported energy […]

Enforcing Free Trade Agreements

Officials spend considerable time and effort crafting trade agreements. Comprehensive trade deals increasingly run to hundreds of pages of legal rules accompanied by thousands of pages of country-specific commitments. But once a deal is done, signed and enters into force, what happens? The agreement is available for savvy companies in member countries to use. They […]

Strength in Numbers

For Norwegian businesses looking to enter Asia, a wide range of support, including the Foreign Service, is there to help companies take the first step. Expanding into Asia is the logical decision for most businesses. It’s the most populous continent on earth and will only keep growing. On the other hand, the region is complex […]

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