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Bjørn N. Holsen

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Bjørn N. Holsen is SN Power’s Country Manager in the Philippines and he is also responsible for business development activities in Myanmar. SN Power is a renewable energy company that invests in emerging markets. The SN Power business model involves gaining footholds in emerging markets with substantial hydropower potential and energy needs, in order to build a leading position in the country or region.

Mr. Holsen holds an M.Sc in Industrial Economics form the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH). Mr. Holsen is seconded to SN Power from Statkraft were he has held positions as Director of Finance at Statkraft Markets BV in the Netherlands. From Amsterdam, he headed Statkraft’s strategy projects for its entry into hydro power in South East Europe, wind power generation outside Norway and solar power. Prior to joining Statkraft/SN Power, Mr. Holsen was Finance Director of Naturkraft AS and he started his career working for Statoil’s construction division.

SN Power was established in 2002. Its owners are the Norwegian state entities Statkraft and Norfund. The company’s mission is to become a leading hydropower company in emerging markets, contributing to economic growth and sustainable development.
SN Power has invested USD 1900 million in equity through acquisitions and development of hydropower projects in Asia, Latin America and Africa. The company is present in 14 countries.

Operating revenue were 260 MUSD in 2012, and net profit 107 MUSD. Currently, SN Power’s share of installed capacity in these operating plants and construction projects amounts to 1303 MW, and an annual mean generation of 5.2 TWh. A subsidiary named Agua Imara was established in January 2009 to focus on hydropower development in Africa and Central America.

SN Power and its subsidiaries had more than 500 employees worldwide at year-end 2012. As part of the Statkraft Group, SN Power has a strong industrial foundation that builds on more than 100 years of developing, owning and operating hydropower plants in Norway. Statkraft is the largest renewable energy company in Europe with about 57 TWh in annual electricity production.

Norfund is a Norwegian development financial institution (DFI) which invests risk capital in profitable private enterprises in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Balkans. Through Norfund, SN Power has access to significant experience and expertise in conducting investments in emerging markets.