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Walter Qvam

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Walter Qvam, Capital Markets Day 2012Walter Qvam is President and Chief Executive Officer of Kongsberg Gruppen ASA (KONGSBERG).

Qvam joined KONGSBERG in 2008 as President and CEO. Prior to being selected for this position, he has held several executive positions in Norwegian and international industry.

He has been CEO of the global IT Solutions firm Capgemini in Norway and also had other similar leadership positions in Capgemini’s international operations, specifically its Nordic operations based in Stockholm, Sweden and its Euro-Asia operations based in Utrecht, Holland. Prior to this, he was CEO of the Norwegian Rail Service Provider.

Before joining Norwegian Rail, Qvam held several leadership positions in Det norske Veritas (DNV) in Norway and South East Asia. He was CEO of DNV’s industry and offshore arm Veritec, jointly owned by DNV and Brown&Root/Halliburton.

Qvam is member of the CEO board of the Norwegian Industry Association and member of the Oil & Gas Executive Advisory Board to the Norwegian Ministry of Energy.

Qvam graduated from the Norwegian University of Technology in Trondheim, Norway in 1979 and holds a Master of Science in Marine Technology. He has additional education from the INSEAD Euro Asia Institute in Singapore. Qvam is a graduated army officer in the Norwegian Field Artillery and until the mid-nineties served as a reservist Captain.