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Finn Kristian Aamodt

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Finn Kristian Aamodt is acting President and CEO of Innovation Norway and former Executive Vice President of Innovation Norway’s international division. Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government’s most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry, and is represented in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Since the formation of Innovation Norway in 2004 and until 2010, Mr. Aamodt was Executive Vice President for Corporate Service, a position he also held for four years with Norwegian Export Council prior to its merger into Innovation Norway. In the months leading up to this merger, Mr. Aamodt served as acting President and CEO of Norwegian Export Council. Previous professional experiences include four years as CFO for McDonalds Norway and seven years as an Accenture consultant in Minneapolis, USA, and Norway. Mr. Aamodt holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota.

Norwegian enterprises have access to a broad business support system as well as financial means. Innovation Norway provides competence, advisory services, promotional services and network services. The marketing of Norway as a tourist destination is also considered one of the organisations important tasks. By combining local industry knowledge and international networks with the business ideas and the motivation of entrepreneurs, the foundation for new successful businesses is created.
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Innovation Norway contributes to:

  • Enhancing innovation in Norwegian enterprises and industry
  • Building competitive Norwegian enterprises at both domestic and international markets
  • Promoting Norwegian enterprises
  • Promoting Norway as an attractive tourist destination
  • Securing development in rural areas
  • Transforming ideas into successful business cases
  • Promote interaction between enterprises, knowledge communities and R&D institutions

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Innovation Norway aims to assist Norwegian businesses grow and find new markets. Local presence is therefore of crucial concern to us. It is easy to get in touch with us. We are represented in more than 30 countries worldwide and in all Norwegian counties. Our head office is in Oslo. Innovation Norway is the Norwegian government’s official trade representative abroad and we are closely affiliated with the Norwegian embassies and consulates.