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Associate Professor Jan Ketil Arnulf

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Associate Professor Jan Ketil Arnulf, teaches and researches leadership in organisations and leadership development. His special interest area is how communication and culture influence leadership phenomena. Dr. Arnulf lives in Shanghai, China. Since 2006, he has been teaching leadership at the MBA-program offered in Shanghai in co-operation between BI Norwegian Business School and the Fudan-university of Shanghai. Since 2008, he has also been the associate dean of this program.

Dr. Arnulf holds a position as associate professor at the BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, where he teaches leadership, organisational behaviour and counselling. He is a certified industrial/organisational psychologist, being a member of both the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Norwegian Psychological Association (NPF). Dr. Arnulf is on the editorial board of the journal “The Leadership Quarterly”. He is also a member of the Norwegian association of professional writers and translators.

Dr. Arnulf submitted his thesis on the relationship between reflection in management teams and organisational change at the University of Oslo in 2005. Before joining BI Norwegian Business School, he has been working as a management consultant to both private and governmental organisations, working with change projects and general organisational development. He is still acting as advisor to international corporations on leadership development issues. He has also managerial experience from private and governmentally owned developmental services.

Dr. Arnulf obtained his master of science degree from the Free University in Berlin, Germany, and at the University of Oslo.

Among his recent publications are two articles on cross-cultural leadership in Chinese-Scandinavian contexts, a global study on critical incidents happening to expat managers, and an introductory book on leadership: “What is leadership?” (in Norwegian).