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Martin Brekke

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Martin Brekke is the Chairman of Kids Action for Kids (KAFK), a Norwegian charity organisation that raises funds for surgeries of children with cleft lips, cleft palates and facial deformities. Martin is currently a senior at International School Bangkok (ISB) where he will graduate with IB Diploma in June 2014. In August he will start as a student at New York University (NYU). Martin founded Kids Action for Kids in 2009 together with his brothers and other family members, and he has been a Board Member since then. He took over as Chairman in 2012.

Approximately one out of 500 babies in Thailand is born with a cleft lip, cleft palate or other facial deformities. These children have problems with breathing, eating, and learning to speak properly, and they are often stigmatised to a great extent. One out of ten dies before their first birthday due to malnutrition. For USD 500 – 800 they can receive a life changing surgery.

Kids Action for Kids is registered in Norway in the Brønnøysund central registry and is a member of Innsamlingskontrollen (IK). 100% of all funds raised go directly to surgeries, as all administrative costs are covered by the board members. The organisation works closely with Dtac and Operation Smile Thailand (OST). Dtac matches the amounts raised and represents a local anchor in Thailand. Operation Smile Thailand is responsible for the medical planning and conducting and following up the surgeries. 420 children have already received this life changing surgery through the Kids Action for Kids and Dtac programmes since 2009.

Kids Action for Kids and Operation Smile Thailand are now working on conducting similar missions in Myanmar in 2014.

In addition to his work in Kids Action for Kids, Martin has leadership experience from being the Captain of the ISB Varsity Swim Team, Freshman Class President at ISB, President of KAKF ISB high school club, and from being active in several clubs and community service activities such as Model United Nations, Global Issues Network and Green Panthers Environmental Club.

Martin is a competitive swimmer and spends much of his time in the pool. During his high school years he has pocketed five gold medals, eight silver medals and five bronze medals in the IASAS Championships (Interscholastic Association of South East Asian Schools). From August he will join the New York University’s Varsity Swim Team.

Martin was born in Norway, and has lived in the US, Singapore and Thailand. Traveling the world is another of his passions. He is fluent in Norwegian, English and Spanish, and is at intermediate level in Mandarin.

For further information about Kids Action for Kids, please visit Kids Action for Kids’ page.