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H.E. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Morten Høglund

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Morten Høglund is Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in Norway, representing the Progress Party. Before taking up this position he was Special Adviser for Arctic Affairs in the Ministry. He has been a member of Stortinget (The Norwegian Parliament) from 2001-2013, representing Akershus County.

Mr. Høglund was chairman of the Standing Committee of Arctic Parliamentarians from 2010-2013. He has chaired the Norwegian Parliaments’ OSCE and EEA/EFTA delegations. He was a member of the Progress Party executive committee from 2008-2012. He led the international department in the Progress Party for a number of years.

Besides national politics, Mr. Høglund has a long career in local and regional politics. He has been Vice Mayor of both Ski and Asker municipalities. Mr. Høglund was instrumental in establishing Chinese Dragon Boat racing in Norway and was active in both the European and International Dragon Boat Federation.