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Dr. Joachim Lammel

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Dr. Joachim Lammel is Vice President R&D Global Initiatives at Yara. Yara delivers solutions for sustainable agriculture and the environment. The company’s fertilisers and crop nutrition programs help produce the food required for the growing world population. Founded in Norway in 1905, Yara has a worldwide presence with sales to 150 countries. Safety is always Yara’s top priority.

Mr. Lammel’s previous positions in the company are: Head of Product and Application R&D 2004-13; Director Agronomic Research Hydro Agri 1996-2004; Head of Research Centre Hanninghof . Before joining Norsk Hydro, Mr. Lammel worked as Senior Scientist at the Federal Agricultural Research Centre Braunschweig, Germany (1985-1991). He holds a M.Sc. in Agronomy and a Ph.D. in Crop Nutrition from University of Giessen.

Yara is the world’s leading chemical company that converts energy, natural minerals and nitrogen from the air into essential products for farmers and industrial customers. The main application is fertilisers, while industrial uses and environmental solutions are also important growth segments. The company’s global activities range from phosphate mining and ammonia production, through commodity trade and energy arbitrage, to building local market knowledge and developing customer relationships. The backbone of the company’s operations was large-scale ammonia and fertiliser production in Europe, but in recent years new capacity has been added in regions with low-cost gas supplies. The company ensures reliable supplies of mineral fertiliser and related industrial products to customers worldwide. Yara benefits from its scale advantages, as the world’s largest producer of ammonia, nitrate and complex fertiliser, and with about 20% of global ammonia trade.

Yara’s local sales and marketing units provide customer services and agronomical support, working with farmers worldwide to increase yields and improve crop quality and nutritional value. The company utilises its strong production platform and global supply system to create local benefits, providing customers with the combination of quality products and expert knowledge that best matches their needs.

For further information about Yara, please visit Yara’s sponsor page.