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Dr. Joseph Zveglich, Jr.

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Dr. Joseph E. Zveglich Jr. is Assistant Chief Economist of the Asian Development Bank. He manages the macroeconomic and finance research division of the Economics and Research Department.

Dr. Zveglich oversees the preparation of the annual Asian Development Outlook and the Asian Development Outlook Update, ADB’s flagship publications forecasting economic trends in the region. He also chairs the Regional Economic Outlook Task Force, which advises ADB management on Developing Asia’s economic prospects.

Prior to this appointment, Dr. Zveglich was the Principal Planning and Policy Economist at ADB’s Strategy and Policy Department. He has also served as Senior Advisor to the President and as Deputy Country Director at the ADB’s Sri Lanka Resident Mission. Dr. Zveglich joined ADB in 1998.

Before ADB, Dr. Zveglich worked as a researcher and academic at the Harvard Institute for International Development as part of the team providing capacity building to government officials in macroeconomic policy and management.

Dr. Zveglich earned his Ph.D. and Master of Arts degree at Harvard University. He graduated summa cum laude in economics with an emphasis on Asian studies at Arizona State University.