Beda Merkelbach

Senior Vice President, Thailand and Myanmar
Yara Thailand

Beda Merkelbach is a global business leader with nearly 20 years of experience driving change across Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Beda is Yara International’s Senior Vice President for Thailand & Myanmar, two important markets for the company in Asia.

His mission is to help these nations achieve increased food production and long-term, sustainable food security through regenerative agriculture, zero emissions, and enhanced livelihoods and prosperity for farmers, agri-entrepreneurs, and other food value chain stakeholders.

Beda has been with Yara for more than 14 years. His previous leadership roles included servicing as Vice President for Yara’s European Business Center in Lithuania (2018-2021) which he helped establish. He was Yara Indonesia’s Managing Director in 2017-2018, and the Supply Chain Manager for Yara Tanzania and Rwanda in 2015-2017. In that capacity, he helped secure and launch for Yara Tanzania Africa’s largest fertiliser terminal at Dar es Salaam in 2016.

Originally from Antwerp, Belgium, Beda is now based in Bangkok, Thailand. He graduated from IESE Business School with a Master of Business Administration, a post-graduate Master in Corporate Strategy & Business Intelligence from Toulouse Business School in France, and a Master in Business and Managerial Economics from EHSAL Management School (EMS) in Brussels.

Mr. Beda Merkelbach

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