Menno Keppel

Agri Solutions Asia Co.,Ltd.

Menno Keppel is a specialist in horticulture in Thailand with 20 years of experience working in South East Asia climate such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Menno is Agri Solutions Asia’s CEO & Founder. Dutch Agri-Tech and Trade (TakeMeHome Tomato) is the mother company for Agri Solutions Asia based in Thailand, is a leading technology supplier in the rapidly developing greenhouse industry in South East Asia. Founded in 2004. The company has experience and expertise in the development of horticultural projects in the region such as Tropical greenhouse, Irrigation and fertigation systems, Screen shading systems and water management.
His leadership roles offers customers high standard solutions, customised to the unique local challenges with the international team of specialist are inventive, flexible and never fail to develop practical and effective solutions. His mission is to help farmer increasing yield by automation per square meter and apply new technology and innovate cultivation in tropical farming.
Originally from Utrecht, Netherlands, Menno is now based in Chiangmai, Thailand. His specialty is continuing offer customers centric horticultural solutions that enables their business to reach it’s full potential.

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in September 2023

Registration will be open in September 2023