About Eltek

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What we do

Eltek is a global power specialist and a world leader in high-efficiency power conversion. At the core of the company’s offering lies the unique, proprietary power conversion technology that has defined leadership in the power industry for years. Eltek’s broad range of rectifiers and converters provides unmatched efficiency, power density and flexibility; and are perfect building blocks for the company’s cost-effective and reliable power systems.

The Company

Eltek was established in Norway in 1971 as a specialist telecom power systems supplier. Since then, the company has grown organically and through mergers and acquisitions to become a leading international supplier of power solutions within several industry sectors, including telecom, rail and infrastructure, power generation and distribution, maritime and offshore and data centres.

Eltek in Asia

Eltek is the only power specialist with true global coverage. This gives the company a unique capability to serve its global customers. At the same time, the Eltek organisation around the world is firmly rooted in the local business environment. This enables Eltek to serve customers in the best possible way, whether they are global, regional or local. The company’s presence in Asia is strong, dating back to 1994, when Eltek’s first Asian operation was established in Hong Kong and China. Eltek’s proprietary products are manufactured in China, and the company also supports the Chinese market from our headquarters in Dongguan and from Hong Kong.

Eltek serves the Asian markets and customers from offices in: Bangkok, Delhi, Dhaka, Jakarta, Phnom Penh, Manila, Selangor, Seoul, Singapore Sydney and Tokyo.

Contribution beyond Business

Preserving the environment and combating climate change are defining challenges of our age. Businesses have a key role to play in reducing adverse environmental effects, while at the same time trying to stay ahead of the competition. Eltek was the first to launch High Efficiency technology in 2008. As of February 2014, more than one million power conversion units with this technology have found their way to Eltek’s customers, contributing to cost savings for the operators and a substantial reduction of carbon footprint.

  • 1,246 TWh (terrawatt hours) in energy savings, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 101,000 US households
  • 149 MUSD energy cost savings
  • 900,000 tons of CO2 reduction, equivalent to the annual emission from 186,000 cars
  • Further 15% less energy in cooling of the power systems

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Further Information

For further information about Eltek, please visit www.eltek.com.