About Mynewsdesk

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PR as it’s supposed to be

In an over-communicated world, Mynewsdesk was born out of the quest to find a faster, more effective way to let brands get their stories heard by the people who really mattered to the organizations, while at the same time managing all PR and brand engagement in one place.

We’ve Been You

With journalistic and web backgrounds, the founders hit upon the idea of creating a platform that would increase engagement between companies and their most important influencers, such as journalists, bloggers and other opinion leaders. To put the relations back into PR was their mission. Companies should be able to create and share content and gain exposure to relevant information – on their own terms. Whether this exposure occurred on the company’s own website, or through other channels where their material was shared, Mynewsdesk would always be the source. This idea reflects the ongoing shift in the entire PR, media, and communications industry – from push to pull – or as we also like to see it: it’s time to enter the post-excel PR world.

Pioneering Digital PR

Founded in 2003, Mynewsdesk remains a true pioneer in providing companies with a modern digital PR service to connect with influencers such as journalists and key opinion leaders. With just one click, communicators give interested media, customers, and bloggers direct access to relevant press releases, high-resolution images, videos, and more – in relevant channels, at the right time, on their own terms. Influencers can also start following companies directly on Mynewsdesk, engage with the news content, and become part of a network of influencers.

Publicity Across All Platforms

All news releases and other PR and marketing content are presented in a comprehensive, user-friendly social media newsroom. All information published in the newsroom is search-engine optimized and can be instantly synched and uploaded to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and WordPress. The platform also allows companies to find, connect, and engage with the key influencers who are interested in the company’s information.

Expanding Rapidly

Our company is credit worthy according to Soliditet’s credit assessment system that are based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.

In 2008, Mynewsdesk was purchased by Norwegian media group NHST, which owns several of Norway’s leading business publications, including Dagens Næringsliv and DN.no. Today Mynewsdesk is AAA- Dun and Brad street rated, and the fastest growing company in the group with an average revenue growth of 70. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Mynewsdesk has offices in Norway, Denmark, Finland, the UK, and Singapore. Today Mynewsdesk hosts more than 4 000 social media newsrooms and serves 25, 000 registered companies worldwide. We help over 40 000 PR- communicators and marketers daily to reach out and engage with the people who matters most to their brand. Mynewsdesk has maintained a 97% satisfaction rate for several years.

Further Information

For further information about Mynewsdesk, please visit www.mynewsdesk.com.