About NHST Media Group

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Leading. Insightful. Current. News-worthy. Engaging. Thoroughness. Exclusive.

The above terms sum up what NHST Media Group aims to be for its readers and customers. They set the tone for our journalism, they guide how our editors prioritise the daily flood of news and they underpin the confidence we want our customers to have in our products. NHST Media Group is a leading news provider both in Norway and globally within the select segments where we operate. This position has been built by understanding what is important to our readers, focusing on that and let that define our products. Our publications do not try to be all things to all people, but are always insightful within the select fields they cover. We cover a wide geographical area, but are highly focused when it comes to subject matter. Our journalists are experts in their areas and this is reflected in our publications. They do not just report what happens, but also provide insight into why it is happening.

Publication Areas

NHST Media Group consists of the following business areas:

  • Dagens Næringsliv, Norway’s leading business daily
  • Direct Relations encompasses MyNewsdesk and ddp direct, the Group’s services within distribution of corporate information to the market.
  • Four sectors related newspapers: Upstream (Oil & Gas), TradeWinds (Shipping), Intrafish Media (Seafood) and Recharge (Renewable Energy)
  • Nautisk Forlag AS, among the world’s leading distributors of nautical charts and publications – both on paper and in digital formats
  • Other Business Areas constitute services within live sound and pictures on the web (Smartcom:tv) and news agency for the power and energy industries (Europower AS)

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About Dagens Næringsliv

272,000 Norwegians reads Dagens Næringsliv daily, making DN Norway’s fourth largest daily newspaper in readership. During the course of a week, the readership is more than doubled and total 610,000 different people read DN each week. DN readers are among the most affluent in Norway, with higher income and consumption than average. Not surprisingly, those who read Dagens Næringsliv are more in business and finance, shares, politics and tax issues than the average person. But readers also differ from the rest of the population by being very interested in reading literature, listening to music, trying new and exotic foods and outdoor activities in general. DN readers are also above average interested in cars and boats, travel, new technology, clothes and fashion.

DN has the highest coverage among top managers and professionals of all newspapers. Dagens Næringsliv is the largest business publication in Norway; 191,000 decision makers read Today’s Market every day. This represents 40 percent of all managers in the private and public sectors. During the course of a week, 60 percent of senior executives reading the newspaper on average four times each. DN readers are a well-qualified group. A job ad to potential candidates, and so those who are not necessarily active jobseekers. DN interests also those who make decisions for the purchase and sale of commercial property.

Further Information

For further information about NHST Media Group, please visit www.nhst.com.