About Norwegian Seafood Council

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What you should know about Norwegian Seafood

Norway is the land where the snow-covered mountains rise from the cold, clear waters of the Norwegian fjords. The natural conditions in the north of Europe provides ideal conditions for the seafood that has been so important for hundreds of generations and made it possible for Norwegians to live in this part of the world. Today the seafood industry is a vital part of Norway’s economy. We export large volumes of both wild seafood and products from our world-leading aquaculture industry. Norway is the second largest export of seafood in the world and exports seafood to more than 130 countries to a value of 9.76 billion USD in 2013.

Norwegian seafood in Asia

Norway’s best known international brand is Norwegian salmon. Our salmon is also our economically most important specie and its popularity is growing as it is winning the hearts of young new seafood consumers through sushi and sashimi. The Japanese way of eating seafood is the fast food trend that spreads with the highest speed. Salmon sushi was introduced by Norwegian companies shipping fresh salmon to Japan in the mid 80’s. Japan is still an important seafood market, but today our salmon can be found in major markets such as Korea, Taiwan, China and Singapore. Its use and distribution is also growing in other countries in South-East Asia and can be found in both fine hotels and restaurant, retail and sushi outlets.

In addition to salmon our Norwegian Mackerel has a strong position in Asia. Japan is a key market where the Norwegian Mackerel is seen as the king among mackerel with its unique taste, texture and fat content.

Growth in Asia and Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC)

Norwegian seafood companies has a joint marketing agency financed by the industry itself. The Norwegian Seafood Council runs marketing operations on behalf of all Norwegian seafood companies promoting “Norge – Seafood from Norway”. 2012 was the first year with a full scale effort in South-East Asia and the investment in the region mirrors the importance that the Norwegian exporters puts on this part of the world. A growing, young population with increased purchasing power, interest in imported food and food trends will be an ever more important consumer group in the future.

Norwegian Seafood Council in Asia

NSC has three offices in Asia with the Tokyo office covering Japan and Korea, the China office in Shanghai and the South-East Asia office in Singapore. The main effort in South-East Asia is given to Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Further Information

Christian Chramer, Regional Director Southeast Asia for Norwegian Seafood Council is present at the summit and is one of the panel members in the panel discussion on Norwegian businesses competitiveness in Asia and how Team Norway can add value to Norwegian businesses

Please also take time to visit Norwegian Seafood Council’s sushi stand during the breaks where you get a taste of the latest trends in Norwegian seafood prepared for the Asian market.

For further information about NSC and Norwegian Seafood, please visit www.seafood.no.