About Yara

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What Yara does

Yara delivers solutions for sustainable agriculture and the environment. Our fertilizers and crop nutrition programs help produce the food required for the growing world population. Our industrial products and solutions reduce emissions, improve air quality and support safe and efficient operations. Founded in Norway in 1905, Yara has a worldwide presence with sales to 150 countries. Safety is always the top priority.

Global Presence

Yara offers quality and reliability to customers world-wide through a globally integrated – flexible and callable operation.

Yara’s global operation includes 24 production facilities in 15 countries, and more than 200 terminals and warehouses, making it the world’s largest supplier of mineral fertilizers. With an extensive value chain from the extraction of minerals to the distribution of crop nutrients, Yara has built a unique operation offering customers reliability and quality. Yara’s market presence in Asia includes a global network of sales offices in 10 countries and sales to more than 16. Supported by a strong production and marketing base in Europe, the company has been expanding rapidly in Asia whilst maintaining in-depth local knowledge of Asian crops.

Creating Impact

Yara commits to a sustainable future. Creating impact is our blueprint to create business value in the way we respond to human challenges.

Yara creates value by delivering profitable, sustainable growth benefitting customers and shareholders – as well as society at large. By creating value, Yara is positioned to create impact, to make a difference. Successful alignment of the company’s current and future core business with global challenges will strengthen the company’s position and develop a sustainable competitive edge. Yara creates impact by engaging within three focal areas where it is able to make a profound contribution: food security, resource management and environmental issues. The three areas are intrinsically linked, and Yara is uniquely positioned to develop viable business solutions that address related global challenges.

Market knowledge

In Asia, farmers are constantly striving to increase yield and quality of their harvests, with the ultimate goal of securing a higher income.

Yara’s answer is to offer a portfolio of quality fertilizers, global knowledge on crop management and trust behind a brand that always delivers. From mineral to complete compounds and micronutrients, Yara offers a range of products, knowledge and tools customised to increase yield and improve quality in all crops – from oil palm and rubber to cereals, fruits and vegetables. The final solution is often simple and affordable. It compromises high quality fertilizers applied at the right stages of plant growth. With our combined crop nutrition expertise, Yara agronomists are working with farmers across Asia to improve productivity of their farmlands and more importantly; to maximise their returns.

Yara in Thailand

Yara products were first sold in Thailand in 1972 through a sales partnership. In 2005, Yara established its own operation in the country, and took over the YaraMila NPK distribution in 2009. Today Yara Thailand has 48 employees of which 17 are sales agronomists. We aim at becoming the leading crop nutrition expert in Thailand, and therefore provide knowledge and technical support for many crops such as rubber, oil palm, fruits and vegetables. The Yara Crop Nutrition is a unique approach to offer added value to our customers through crop clinics, farmers meetings and demo plots. Our product portfolio in Thailand comprises different grades as well as application types, so that we make sure that each farmer receive a suitable and sustainable solution. Moreover a strong storage capacity of about 65,000 mt and a wide distribution networks of about 150 main distributors make Yara Thailand a reliable partner able to deliver products across the country.

Download Yara brochures

  • Yara in brief 2012-2013 gives an overview of the activities of the company in Asia and how Yara delivers solutions for sustainable agriculture and the environment
  • Feeding the Future addresses the looming food crisis in the world: The world’s future population, expected to reach 9.1 billion by 2050, will require almost twice as much agricultural output – food, fibre and fuel – as today’s 7 billion people. Achieving future food security requires resource efficiency: more must be grown on the same amount of land, using less water – with the help of a precise mix of nutrients. The gaps must be closed through revitalised innovation and improved agricultural productivity.

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Further Information

Yara has two senior speakers at the event:

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Please also take time to visit Yara’s exhibition stand outside the conference area where you can see Yara’s latest technology and agricultural solutions in practice.

For further information about Yara, please visit www.yara.com.