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zkipster – Guest List Solutions

Guest list app zkipster is the event industry’s fastest, most-reliable guest management platform for non-ticketed event check-in at premieres, parties and galas, promotional events and conferences. zkipster helps event hosts and their guests to focus on what truly matters: to have a great time at a great event. The easy-to-use event check-in app eliminates paper guest lists helping guests at events around the world – from the Oscars and Fashion Week to local store openings and community gatherings – move seamlessly through registration.

This is why zkipster was created: people hate to wait in lines. With zkipster’s cloud-based check-in, guests receive the kind of VIP treatment they deserve. It’s event-based pricing allows event hosts to manage guest lists of any size for one affordable, up-front fee. And zkipster’s secure, real-time tablet synchronization and its picture add-on zFace tool helps keep events secure. Finally, zkipster’s easy-to-use data cockpit helps hosts cut through the post-event data – giving them the information they need to plan successful, cost-effective events in the future. It’s a solid one-stop-shop.

The Paper Phone Book is gone, too

zkipster was created for a simple reason: people hate to wait in lines and we know you do too. The people behind zkipster were fighting this challenge long before the arrival of the iPad, they were hosting events themselves, with paper lists causing a of mess nobody wants. There was just something deeply wrong with flipping through pages and page of guest names – like flipping through a phone book – when one could hold a searchable smart phone in our pockets.

When Apple invented the iPad, the people behind zkipster ventured out to change the way event check-in works. Their fast, reliable, easy-to-use guest list app eliminates the slow, inefficient paper guest list. zkipster helps hosts effortlessly update their guest lists – anywhere, anytime – for name-based event check-in at premieres, parties and galas, promotional events and conferences. The painful lines at the door are gone. Period.

With offices in New York, Zurich, London, Sao Paulo, and Hong Kong, zkipster has become the global industry standard for digital guest lists. Simply put, zkipster helps hosts and their guests around the world to focus on what truly matters: to have a great time at a great event.

Armani, Red Bull, Microsoft joined zkipster already

zkipster has become the leading global guest list app by doing something very simple: they listen to their customers. Event and public relations professionals across the globe told the people behind zkipster that they were tired of the slow, inefficient paper guest lists. They wanted an easy-to-use, secure guest check-in app that they could use anytime, anywhere. Zkipster delivered. It is fast, reliable and data-driven. The guest list app offers secure real-time event check-in compatible on all major platforms – Android, iOS and Windows 8. The developers build tools based on talks with planners hosting for the world greatest brands like Armani, HBO, Red Bull, Sotheby’s or Microsoft.

For instance, zkipster launched zFace, a picture sourcing engine that helps event planners match guest names with faces from the Internet. Not only does zFace mean faster check-in for key guests, but it also adds another layer of security. In Spring 2014, zkipster launches zPrint, the plug-and-play connection between a guest list app and a mobile name tag and place card printer. Sorry black magic markers. You’re not needed anymore. zkipster’s zPrint means a clean, professional event – even if the host wants to add someone last minute or the list changes at the door.

New events mean new challenges for zkipster clients. And the developers are listening every step of the way – and continuing to innovate so their clients and their guests can focus on what truly matters: to have a great time at a great event.

Further Information

For further information about zkpster, please visit www.zkipster.com.