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Yara International is a Norwegian multinational company (MNC) and the leading sustainable agricultural, digital farming solutions, and farmer livelihood-enhancement company. Yara’s dedicated team of 18,000 professionals in 60 countries are committed to helping the world achieve a nature-positive food future through regenerative farming, climate neutrality, and farmer prosperity.

Yara’s commitment to a nature-positive food future began 118 years ago in Norway. The company’s – and the country’s – close relationship with Thailand goes back nearly as long. In 1907, Thailand was Yara (then Norsk Hydro)’s first customer, purchasing its nutrient fertilisers that would help to revolutionise the nation’s ability to ensure long-term food security for the Thai people and for countless others abroad who depend on Thailand’s agricultural products.

Yara has been present in Thailand for more than 40 years. In 2005, the company deepened its commitment to the nation when it established its country office in Bangkok. In 2020, Singapore became Yara’s regional headquarters for a vast Africa, Asia Pacific (APAC), and Oceania region. The region is comprised of Thailand and 19 other market economies, with more than 2,000 staff, including nearly 100 staff in Thailand.

Growing a Nature-Positive Food Future is a continuation of Yara’s journey, and of the company’s commitment to help Thailand, Norway, and the world achieve food security through regenerative agriculture, enhanced livelihoods and prosperity for farmers and other food value-chain partners, while ensuring that it helps achieves climate neutrality for the current and future generations.

“We would like to extend our congratulations and appreciation to the Thai-Norway Chamber of Commerce (TNCC) and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok for giving Yara Thailand the opportunity to support and participate in the Norway-Asia Business Summit 2023. We wish all participants a very successful Summit in support of enhanced bilateral and multilateral commercial, economic, and political relations among Norway, Thailand, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region in the years ahead.”

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