Nordic Light

About our CSR Partner Nordic Light

Nordic Light is a Norwegian aid organisation with the aim to help less privileged children and youth in Thailand to achieve higher education. The initiative to start Nordic Light came from one of Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce’s board members, Jon Anders Aas-Haug, who established the organisation with fellow Norwegians living in Bangkok.

The members of Nordic Light works voluntarily and non-profit. The organisation is run without any overhead cost. Nordic Light assures that all funds go directly to the projects, and assures of the guaranteed quality after thorough evaluation and follow-up of the projects.

One of the projects which Nordic Light works with is Kids Action for Kids, which is a project working to help less fortunate kids in Thailand and now also Myanmar. The work is initiated and run mainly by kids with a belief that kids, too, can make a difference in society. The main focus since 2009 has been to raise money to finance surgery for kids with facial deformities, cleft lips or cleft palates. This project is the main CSR partner project for Norway-Asia Business Summit 2014. Martin Brekke, the Chairman of Kids Action for Kids will present his Myanmar project at the Summit Dinner on 24 April at Anantara Hotel.

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Nordic Light’s Vision

Education is seen as an important step out of poverty and crucial to the social development of Thailand. Therefore Nordic Light is focusing on helping children and youth to achieve higher education. Nordic Light also support projects which are not directly linked to education but which obviously are a part of the pathway to get there.

Nordic Light’s Mission Statement

“Knowledge makes a difference”

Getting Involved

There are several ways in which you can get involved and support Nordic Light’s work. Both as a private person or as a company, both as a volunteer or with monetary donations. All types of support are welcome. You choose whether you want to support by a onetime fee or a monthly/yearly fee. This donation will go directly to the projects. All sponsors will receive a receipt of payment. Both individual/corporate sponsors may acquire tax reduction based on donation given to charity.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Through CSR, your company can help the less privileged Thai youth to become a valuable resource of strength to society and to the work sector, in parts of development of the country. Nordic Light offer its CSR program to all companies interested to support a CSR program in Thailand, and are ready to discuss the opportunities with you.

Learn more about Nordic Light

Please take time to visit The Nordic Light stand during the breaks so you can learn more about how Norwegian businesses can get engaged in Corporate Responsibility programmes in the region.

You can also contact Nordic Light for more information if you are interested to support Nordic Light’s work, or if you need advice on finding projects to support. Please send all enquiries to