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Norwegian Seafood Council

The Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) is the Norwegian Government’s official marketing communications organisation working with the Norwegian seafood industry to increase the value of Norwegian seafood in new and established markets all over the world.

NSC’s role is to educate the public about the country of origin of high-quality proteins from the sea that is enjoyed by 150 countries across the globe, equivalent to 40 million daily meals every year. Through the origin mark “Seafood from Norway”, consumers can identity Norwegian seafood caught or raised in the cold, clear waters of Norway.

Apart from raising awareness about the country of origin, NSC is also promoting practices of sustainable aquaculture management and providing consumer data and insights that show how sustainability is becoming an important consideration when choosing a product through local business partnerships, marketing campaigns, PR and events.

NSC has engaged leading local partners including importers, retailers, wholesalers, restaurants and food platforms to share know-how on Norwegian seafood’s origin, benefits, food safety, food handling and training using marketing, PR and digital activities to help uplift the seafood industry standard in the local markets.

The rising trend of sushi and sashimi consumption in the Asian market is the key driver of Norwegian seafood’s popularity, particularly Norwegian Salmon and Norwegian Saba or Mackerel. With local seafood markets selling sushi and sashimi, a growing number of Japanese restaurants, increasing home consumption, and online purchase via food platforms, NSC is capturing this opportunity to raise awareness of the country of origin and create meaningful conversations around sustainability in aquaculture for the Norwegian seafood industry to work together with local markets to ensure food safety and the future of the industry while keeping the ecosystems alive.

“The Norway-Asia Business Summit 2023 is the most important meeting arena between Norwegian and Asian business leaders. We are excited as this will be the first post-pandemic Summit where we will witness fruitful conversations and the enhancement of cross-border cooperation around network expansion, a new direction of market trends, insights, investment opportunities and challenges from leading institutions, companies and technology clusters. We would like to thank the Thai-Norway Chamber of Commerce (TNCC) and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok for giving us the opportunity to be an integral part of this Summit.”   

Dr. Asbjørn Warvik Rørtveit, Southeast Asia Regional Director, Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC)

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Registration will be open in September 2023