10:30   Day 2, 1 December

Breakout VII – Feeding the Future World

Venue: Sky

Moderator: Mr Andreas Thorud, China Director, Norwegian Seafood Council

This session deals with big questions: How to secure enough food for the world’s future population? With urbanisation on land and overfishing the in the world’s oceans are we driving the world towards a catastrophe? How can we mitigate the crisis? Is increasing crop yields and aquaculture the answer? Are GM foods the answer and are such foods safe? How much room do we still have for improvement? By concentrating production through such methods, are we over utilising the environment to a point of no return? How can we increase crops, yields, fish stocks without great damage to the environment.


  • Food security, Mr Micheal Keaney, Country Manager – Myanmar, Yara (Yangon and Bangkok)
  • Mr Maarten Geraets, Former MD Alternative Proteins, Thai Union
  • Mr Bjørn Wallentin, Senior Vice President Qrill, Aker BioMarine

Registration will be open
in September 2023

Registration will be open in September 2023