Chantakorn Gridwitchayayarkarn

Vice President for Information, Communication & Public Relations
Electrical Vehicle Association of Thailand (EVAT)

Mr. Chantakorn David Gridwitchayayarkan currently serves as the Vice President for Information, Communication & Public Relations at the Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand (EVAT). He assumed this role in 2020 within this non-profit organization, alongside other members of Thailand’s burgeoning EV industry.

EVAT’s primary objective is to advocate for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in Thailand, thereby significantly reducing road pollution, particularly in major urban centers. This strategic direction aligns with the nation’s commitment to transitioning toward carbon neutrality by electrifying its transportation infrastructure. EVAT is actively involved in fostering industrial manufacturing, as well as research and development initiatives related to EV technologies within Thailand. The association currently boasts 384 distinguished members representing various segments of the EV and EV-related industries in the country. Furthermore, EVAT holds the distinction of being appointed as one of the subcommittees under Thailand’s national EV board.

Mr. Chantakorn is also the founder and Group CEO of GridWhiz (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a leading technology company specializing in providing EV charging solutions, electric motorcycle swapping solutions with sophisticated management platforms, and functioning as an EV roaming hub in Thailand. The company is actively expanding its operations to other ASEAN countries.

Chantakorn Gridwitchayayarkarn

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Registration will be open in September 2023