Thomas Leonard

Head of Section, Sustainability Services
Supply Chain & Product Assurance DNV

Thomas Leonard has spent over a decade spearheading transformative initiatives in Southeast Asia’s renewable energy sector. At DNV, he plays a pivotal role as the Supply Chain and Product Assessment lead, focusing on reshaping the region’s energy landscape. Holding an MBA from Cass Business School, London, and an MSC in Power Technology from TU Dresden, Thomas specialises in renewable energy feasibility and development, energy storage, and market dynamics. His tenure at DNV has seen him manage intricate projects, driving sustainable energy infrastructures across ASEAN. Before joining DNV, Thomas contributed significantly to European energy projects at Advanced Power, evaluating the viability of gas-fired power projects. Prior to this, Thomas served in the British Royal Navy as a Marine Engineer. In this role, he was likely responsible for overseeing and managing the maintenance, repair, and operation of the ship’s engineering systems. Thomas actively participates in shaping sustainable finance as part of the ASEAN Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance. He also served as the Executive Editor of ThaiWEA Wind News, amplifying wind energy awareness in Thailand. His publications on renewable energy contribute to fostering a greener world. Thomas Leonard stands as a committed figure in championing renewable energy adoption, contributing significantly to Southeast Asia’s sustainable energy transition.

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in September 2023

Registration will be open in September 2023