Allan Christiansen

Enetek Power Group

Allan Christiansen is the CEO of Enetek Power Group PTE Ltd, overseeing the company’s strategic direction since April 2022. Originally from Norway, he has spent much of his adult life abroad. Educated in Gothenburg, Sweden, Allan ventured to St. Petersburg, Russia, at 21 and spent 25 influential years there.

Returning shortly to Norway in 1997, Allan started his new career in, notably with roles at Kraft Freia Marabou, Norfolier, and lastly Eltek AS in Drammen. His tenure at Eltek was dynamic and included diverse roles such as Managing Director in Sweden, Finland, Turkey, and the Eurasian region. He served as Director of Eltek in Russia and the CIS countries from 2001 to 2021, followed by overseeing operations in Northern Europe, including Norway.

Currently residing in Singapore, Allan remains dedicated to steering Enetek Power Group towards continued success. Despite his global endeavors, he cherishes his family life, being a devoted husband and father of three and soon grandfather of 2

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