Dr. Nalinee Taveesin

Thailand Trade Representative
Prime Minister of Thailand’s Office

Dr. Nalinee Taveesin is a highly accomplished individual with an extensive educational background and a distinguished career in various public positions. She holds a Ph.D. in Communication from Regent University, Virginia, U.S.A., and a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University. Additionally, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Dr. Nalinee is also a graduate of the National Defense College of Thailand and completed the Capital Market Academy Leadership Program.

Currently serving as an Advisor to the Prime Minister and Thailand Trade Representative, Dr. Nalinee holds pivotal roles in addressing marine fisheries issues and promoting economic development. She plays key roles in international forums, including being the Co-Chairperson of the ICAPP Business Council and Vice Chairperson of the Asia Europe Political Forum. Her involvement extends to the ICAPP Women’s Wing, where she serves as Co-Chairperson.

In her past, Dr. Nalinee held positions such as Minister Attached to the Prime Minister’s Office, Senator, and Associate Judge at the Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court. Her involvement spans various committees, sub-committees, and advisory boards, showcasing her commitment to areas such as economic policy, income distribution, and defence strategy.

Outside of her official capacities, Dr. Nalinee has been actively engaged in social activities, serving on the board of directors for organisations like the Rotary Club of Bangkok and the Forest Co-Op in Thailand. Recognised for her contributions, she has received several Royal Thai decorations, including the Knight Grand Cordon of the Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand and the Knight Grand Cross of the Most Exalted Order of the White Elephant. Dr. Nalinee’s multifaceted career reflects a deep commitment to public service, education, and community development.

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