Vibeke Lyssand Leirvåg

Joint-Foreign Chamber of Commerce

Vibeke Lyssand Leirvag is the founder of Felicia (Thailand) Ltd, Felicia Design, a leading high-end manufacturer of silver and gold jewellery. Felicia Design is a Norwegian-controlled company delivering European innovative technology and products at high-quality standards. With its 150 employees, Felicia Design has gained a reputation as a trusted partner and manufacturer for well-respected design brands from Europe, the USA, and Australia.

Felicia Design focuses on sustainable jewellery production and is certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). Felicia Design has joined the private sector collective actions against corruption and is certified under Coalition Against Corruption (CAC), a 2nd term. Felicia Design is a member of the UN Global Compact and incorporate in its values the Ten Principles into its business strategy, policies and procedures.

Vibeke is an entrepreneur. She arrived in Thailand in 1989 and has a background in jewellery design and manufacturing. She has built Felicia Design from being a small start-up operation to a solid SME offering OEM services and supplying leading jewellery brands worldwide.

Other Positions;
Vibeke has been active on the Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (TNCC) board since 1997. She has held the position of President and presently serves as Vice President. During her tenure as President, Thailand hosted the Norway-Asia Business Summit 2014 with 260 participants in Thailand and Myanmar. This was the largest gathering of Norwegian businesses and governments in Asia.

Vibeke has held the position as Vice Chair for Joint Foreign Chamber of Commerce in Thailand ( JFCCT) for five years, and has since 2022 taken on the position as Chairwoman of JFCCT. JFCCT works actively on collective actions against corruption; JFCCT has signed an MOU with National Anti-Corruption Commission ( NACC). JFCCT works actively with the private sectors, through the organisations Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) and Anti-Corruption Thailand (ACT) on collective actions, where awareness, educating and a collective action for zero tolerance through collective actions.

Vibeke works closely with Board of Trade Thailand ( BoT) through her role as Chairwoman of JFCCT and in her position as Advisor to BoT.

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